A mastermind group for millennials on a mission seeking

From a peer group of millennials on a mission

On your biggest business and career challenges

On how to take your business or ideas to the next level


Inspired by my ever-growing desire to connect with like-minded individuals, I created the Mogul Talk Mastermind for millennials who are seeking ballsy career strategy, proven business advice and personal development tips in a supportive environment



Curious if Mogul Talk is for you? Check out our frequently asked questions below

Who is this for?

Mogul Talk is a co-ed mastermind designed for millennials who:

  • Possess drive and commitment
  • Possess problem-solving skills
  • Can stick to the agenda, timelines and rules
How often are the sessions?

Sessions will be held once a month.

What will be discussed during sessions?

We will focus heavily on personal development, ballsy career strategies and life planning. Mogul Talk exists to provide encouragement, share advice, offer constructive feedback and hold each other accountable.

Why is there a selection process?

An application process is in place to create a safe space for members to exchange ideas and information. In order to build trust, all members will also be asked to sign a nondisclosure agreement (NDA).